What is Kombucha?

  Kombucha (pronounced kom-BOO-cha) is a handmade Chinese fermented tea. Some people think of it as a tea others call it a magical elixir.

I came across Kombucha (produced by Millenium Products) at my neighborhood Sprouts Farmers Market. The pretty colored labels caught my attention so I decided to try one. I was feeling a little under the weather and had no energy. Well, that all changed after just a few sips. Suddenly, I felt like I had more energy; in fact, I felt quite perky. It was like I had just been given a B-12 shot or something.

Kombucha is loaded with probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants. All of these combine to restore balance and vitality in the body. It supports digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control, liver function, etc. I can tell you that I swear by it. I’ve used it myself when I feel even the inkling of a cold coming on and since I’ve started drinking it, I have not been sick. Well, I take that back, I ran out of Kombucha for a couple of weeks and sure enough, I got an upper respiratory infection. I immediately went to the store and picked up several bottles in a variety of flavors and drank one to two per day. I definitely attribute my quick recovery to the Kombucha. During my battle with insulin resistance, I had to daily injections of medication which made me very nauseous, I drank Gingerberry to combat that feeling and it worked like a charm. Hmmm…I bet it would be great to help curb the effects of a few too many at one of the many holiday parties I’m sure you’ll go to ;-o

The creator of Kombucha, GT Dave, started bottling Kombucha after his mother’s success from drinking it during her battle with breast cancer. GT was touched by how Kombucha had helped his mom and was inspired to begin making it from the kitchen of his house. Being only a teenager he had no business plan, just a desire to share this gift with anybody who could benefit from it. Millenium Products mission statement is:

“To combine the wisdom of ancient medicinal foods with the resources of the modern day to create products that uplift and enlighten the health of all those who enjoy them.”

Like GT, I believe in the healing power of natural remedies. Our bodies are subjected to so much toxicity; environmental, emotional or dietary impurities weaken and compromise our immune system. And I believe that drinking Kombucha helps boost the immune system and detoxifies the body. Like the bottle says, rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, replenish, regenerate, and that is exactly what Kombucha does.

Well, I can tell you that I’m 100% sold, Kombucha IS a MAGICAL ELIXIR.

Surf Stronger with TRX®

What an awesome workout! Most of you know that I’m a huge fan of the TRX. TRXing is something I do several times a week for my own workouts and all my clients love it too.

I am not a surfer myself, but I know that surfing takes strength, balance, and determination. As a native California girl, I’ve watched people riding the waves for years and always watch them in awe as they jump up and catch the waves. I’m always jealous when I see them out there with dolphins so close they could reach out and touch them. If only I could get over my dislike of cold water…enough about me, let’s get to the Surf Stronger workout!

This workout is a fantastic tool for surfers and non-surfers alike to increase their strength, balance, and coordination. It works the entire body and mixes in some really fun (and challenging) cardio drills. Each exercise is 30 to 45 seconds with a 15 to 60 second break between sets. I especially love the “Surfers Pop-Up Drill” which entails lying on the ground doing a paddling motion with the arms and jumping up like you would onto a surfboard.

After doing this workout a few times, I feel like I just may grab a board, learn to surf, and enjoy the fun too!

You can download this workout by clicking on the image below:

P.S. Did I mention that I will be teaching TRX classes starting January, 2010? Classes will be held at Personal Best in San Pedro, CA. For more information send an e-mail to: jenniferb@dolphitness.com.


Each year, millions of Americans gain weight over the holidays. Lean muscle is the secret to keeping your metabolism firing to burn fat all day long. People who are active are more likely to maintain their weight during the holidays.

Don’t be a statistic! Get FIT, boost your energy, and shed pounds this holiday season by working out! Now is a perfect time to get a jump on that New Year’s Resolution.

Here are some tips for keeping weight off during the holidays:

  • Physical activity. People who are more active are more likely to maintain their weight during the holidays. Park farther away from the entrance to the mall and get a little walk in.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can be a major source of hidden calories. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, almost as much as fat (9 calories per gram) and nearly twice as many calories as a gram of carbohydrate or protein (4 calories per gram). Just one apple martini has 235 calories and almost 12 grams of sugar! Stick to a flavored vodka & soda or a light beer. Don’t forget the water. For every alcoholic drink you have, drink at least 1 extra glass of water. This will help your body metabolize the alcohol and may counteract some of the dehydrating effects of the alcohol on the body, such as next-day hangovers. And ALWAYS have a designated driver!
  • Limit soda and other sweetened beverages. These drinks add extra calories, too. Simply put, they are drinks high in fat and/or sugar. A can of soda, for example, has 150 calories and 42 grams of sugar! I love light egg nog but have now switched to Rice-Nog, it’s delicious and only 80 calories per serving. Water is always the best choice!
  • Schedule holiday celebrations at normal meal times. Celebrations outside of normal meal times encourage people to pile on extra calories. This one isn’t always easy to follow with work parties, just do your best 🙂
  • Choose foods with fewer calories. Foods with fewer calories for their size make you feel fuller sooner. Reach for those celery sticks and stick to lean protein snacks like shrimp or turkey slices.
  • Use smaller plates. The bigger your plate, the more food you can pile on it, which means you’ll be more likely to overeat.
  • Eat a healthy snack beforehand. You’ll be less likely to eat a lot of fattening food at parties. Try an apple with almond butter or a protein shake with a small piece of fruit.
  • Weigh yourself weekly. Plan how you’ll get back on track if your weight begins to creep up.

What are your tips & tricks to avoid holiday weight gain?

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