TRX Suspension Training

Pike Press, this really works you!

Here’s some new TRX training pics with the BOSU:

TRX Suspended Lunge

TRX Balance LungeTRX Balance Lunge

Suspended Lunge w/Jump TRX Balance Lunge w/Jump

TRX Balance Lunge w/Jump

Prep for TRX 1 Leg BOSU Squat

Prep for TRX 1 Leg BOSU Squat

Prep for TRX BOSU Squats

TRX Squats on the BOSU

TRX BOSU Squats for some extra fun I added in the jumps…

TRX Jump Squats on the BOSU TRX Jump Squats on the BOSU

Here are some pics from last week’s workout:

Suspended Lateral Lunges with the Medicine Ball

Lateral lunge with med ballLateral lunge 2Lateral lunge 3

Time to lunge on the right side:

Lateral lunge on the right sideThis was painful ;)

Fun stuff! And now the med ball slam…The fun continues...

The photos are not in sequence. I do the suspended lateral lunge for 30 seconds then turn forward and do the med ball slam for 30 seconds. Then switch legs. It’s a serious bun burner.


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